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As the dog days of summer come to a close and we think about back to school there are still plenty of sunny days left. This is no time to take a vacation from good stormwater practices. We enjoy a few last days in the pool and cleaning the car under the shade of a tree there are many opportunities to to due our part to help the water quality of our community.

Summer 2022 Stormwater Practices

Yards and Laws

When applying pesticides, do so in dry, calm weather. Follow the recommended application rate on the label. Spread grass clippings back on the lawn. This returns nutrients to the soil. Otherwise sweep up yard waste rather than blowing it off the driveway. Plant debris can be used as mulch or turned into compost. Don’t apply fertilizer right before a rain, it will be washed out and wasted. It takes time for the biochemical process in the soil to incorporate fertilizer. Select native grasses and other plants they tend to require less water and less fertilizer.Summer 2022[21623]

Washing your Car

Many residents don’t associate their vehicle washing activities with local water quality and may be unaware that the discharges that enter storm drains are not treated before being discharged into local waters. Outdoor car washing has the potential to result in soap, scum, and oily grit in water flowing down the street and into the storm drain. To reduce the impact, where possible, wash your car on gravel, grass, or other permeable surfaces.